Saturday, August 23, 2008

Finding Friends

Facebook is wonderful! I joined then typed in people I had once known and am curious about. Wow! It's an amazing thing that they are there. I saw two precious kids I had once taken care of. There they were all grown up. I saw snippets of their lives and their friends. I got in touch with people that at one time, years ago, had shared profound, heartwrenching things with me. All at the click of a button there they were. My mind has been filled with memories. Memories that laid deep imprints on my heart.

Jesus Christ is our only hope for seeing these friends for all eternity. I can't wait for heaven when there is no separtation of time and distance between us all. What a joy to know that. But what about those who are lost and would not be seen again? I am praying today that the Lord save these friends that they would have a hope within them worth living for today in this world.


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