Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Lazy Days of Summer

These are the lazy days of summer. Hot muggy days and nights with not even a breeze, the smells of bar-b-q, wilting flowers that hate the heat. We just returned from a week at the beach in Perdido Key, Florida. I woke early in the morning to sit on the balcony and read God's Word with the sound of the ocean waves and a cup of Joe.

I always love the verses that speak of the ocean. He makes the waves to stop at the exact point He determines. They don't come any closer. Is that amazing? His handiwork in each shell is beautiful--and in the jellyfish that messed up one day of our ocean swim.

The one routine I did not get to do, that is my favorite thing of all, is to sit on the beach at sunset and watch the sun going down. The colors of the sky change quickly and when it hits the very edge of nowhere, it makes you want to stand up and clap for the beautiful display you've just seen. The beach is a place of many memories for my daughter and myself. Mostly, a time of laughing with friends and enjoying having nothing to do but relax. No phones, no email, no school work to get done, no making beds, nothing but a determined effort to simplify life, get rid of all but emergencies, and put our minds on the music of the waves.

I praise God for the things He has given us to enjoy. I praise Him for all that He teaches us in His creation. I pray that the clutter of life, the excess stuff that creates the illusion of busyness can be cut out so that the Spirit can work in us and in our minds. As I've simplified my life--cut out the things that drain my minutes away--my heart has been more in tune with what the Lord is trying to show me and teach me. I thank Him for the lazy days of summer when we can reevaluate the things that are truly important in our lives, and the things that waste our time away.

In Christ,


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