Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Chemistry, Trigonemetry, and Economics

What a year it will be for my daughter and me! 9th grade! As we gear up for our 9th year of homeschooling I'm looking at a lot of things my daughter will be learning--as she teaches hereself! That's because I never took Trig or Chemistry. But seriously, I'm proud of her because frankly she whips through those things and learns them because that side of her brain is in tact and not mine.

I encourage all the homeschoolers not to be discouaraged. Your child is capable of learning even if you don't understand the periodic table. My dad, a Pediatrician, loves helping her with Science, and my sister, who is a math genius, has spent some time on the phone when it doesn't click. Our art teacher's husband, a math professor at LSU, has been fascinated by problems in our Jacobs Geometry book and has been a great source as well.

I often wondered if I'd last through to high school. And here we are! I thank the Lord daily for the strength He's given me, for the opportunity to love and devote myself to my daughter, and mostly, for the time to be with her and watch the woman of God He is developing right before my eyes. We have walked a precious journey together so far and at the end of each year, I have been able to say, "Lord, I praise you for this little girl and for what you are doing in her life."



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