Friday, July 11, 2008

Iphones and Typewriters

Everyone will be in line at the Apple and At&t Store today. It's the day the iphone comes out. I'll be there. My daughter's birthday present to me! I was thinking about the old phones with the cord. Remember how you were stuck in one place until they made the cords that stretched the length of a house? You couldn't go outside and take the garbage out though. Or garden. Nope, you had to stay inside. Think of how different life would be if you'd have had cell phones. I'm thinking of the guy who didn't show for homecoming when I was at LSU. I ditched him. Not even a call until the game was over. I let it ring once I got home. He called and called. I turned on my tv only to see his house had burned down and it was on the news. I called. I don't miss the old phone system.

I do miss old typewriters. There's something soothing about the sound of an old typewriter. I miss the paper sitting there over the roller. I miss the cli-cling. But I don't miss the Liquid Paper. Well, I don't miss getting to the bottom of the page and having to retype the whole thing again. Well, maybe I don't miss the old typewriters.

I hope today I get my new iphone. I'm not really tired of my old cell phone. I think it's the technology that intrigues me. Well, it's 5 and I have to go stand in the line for the store to open at 8.

Have a great day and be in God's Word and in prayer--before your day is swiftly gone and you realize you've spent all day on your iphone or on your computer and somehow, the most important thing was neglected....

In Christ's Love,


Blogger Sarasreflections said...

I miss the old typewriters too...until I recall how the keys would jam right in the middle of a school report! :)

7:52 PM  

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