Saturday, November 04, 2006

Thankful Things

I praise the Lord for the things He has done! How thankful I am for my salvation, my daughter, my parents who love us and are there for us, my home...speaking of, I'll never tire of having a back yard, a front yard, flowers, and a washer and dryer in my home...after years of living in Los Angeles and Dallas and apartments and having to go outside, down the stairs, and realizing I don't have enough quarters, well, I still am so thankful for a house with a laundry room and a washer and dryer! I am thankful for every breath, for the Word of God that continually amazes me, the depths you can plunge and still not get to the bottom. I'm thankful for Marg, Ellen, Ellen B., Marcia, Bea, Valerie, Donna, Glenda, Beth Q. and all those Titus 2 women He has blessed me with! I praise HIM for all things good. I praise Him for my daughter's faith that puts me to shame many times. I praise Him for the wonderful things He is doing deeply in her life. I praise Him for His wisdom and His ways that are so far above mine. I praise Him for every good and perfect gift that comes wrapped up in trials so often. I praise Him for the great men of God who are out there proclaiming truth and not succombing to worldy mentalities of doing so. I praise Him and THANK HIM for all these joyous treasures!


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